Hey there.  Apologies all around for the lack of communication.  Things have been pretty wild on our end.  First off, we are happy to announce that we have moved the Clawhammer HQ up north to beautiful Beacon, NY.  Could not be more happy to escape the hustle and bustle that is old NYC to be greeted every morning to song birds and dew drops.  Most importantly meetings and studio visits in the city will still be a regular occurrence, as if we never left!  Also, if one feels they need to take a wonderful day trip, feel free to hit us up and add that to the list of things that this wonderful town has to offer.

Stay tuned for news on some upcoming print releases as well as a pile of events and projects that we will be a part of.  We got some good stuff cooking.

To celebrate our new situation we are offering FREE SHIPPING on anything in the CLAWHAMMER STORE for the entire month of August.  Just use the code: FREEDOM at check out!


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